Fairplay Ryder Cup – October 2018



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The North Retain the Ryder Cup at Fairplay

The long anticipated Ryder Cup clash between the Golf News North and the Golf in the Sun South teams finally came together at Fairplay over the last few days.  OK, the Paris equivalent may have had a few more spectators, and the quality of the golf may have been just a little better, but our own version was just as exciting for us in our own little golfing world !

The Winning Northern Team !

The keen one’s checked in a day early and concentrated hard during their practice round on Wednesday before the showdown started on the 10th tee on Thursday morning.

With the wind at full throttle the two teams tee’d off in their respective four balls and foursomes.  Opening on a par 3 with the wind straight in our faces was not the easiest of starts but the North team flew out of the traps and their lead of 6 – 1 at the end of the first 9 fourball holes set a precedent for the rest of the competition with the North’s lead of 11 – 3 after the first day being an almost impossible score to reverse in the 2nd day’s singles matches.

With many bowed shaking heads desperately trying to assess how this unprecedented reverse could have happened, the rallying cry went out to all – “We only have to win eleven and a half points tomorrow to win !”.  So with 14 singles matches still to be played in the morning there was still a chance for the “Fairplay Miracle” to happen.

Hmm…..It will all be so different next year !

So we tee’d off the next morning with the smug looking North guys strolling to the 10th tee, once again confident in the knowledge that they needed just three wins to get the job done.  I did my best to rally the Southern troops and for a while it most certainly looked like the miracle could be on as the South players were all ahead early on in the singles format, but alas, in spite of winning the second day by a point, it was too little too late with the southern team retaining the cup that they closely won at the same venue last year.

Northen captain Ed the Ed poured scorn on our attempts to claim a draw on the basis that they won the first day yet we won the second (well it was worth a try !) and went on to mock our vain attempts at various ambiguous reasons why the result should not stand.  OK, we had to reluctantly admit in the end that they just about deserved their victory with the general feeling being that we would regroup and come back stronger next year to put the record straight (or something like that anyway).  As an aside the actual final winning score of 17.5 to 10.5 was exactly the same score that Europe beat the USA in the other little Ryder Cup event in Paris just a few days earlier !  The second days nearest the pins were won by Chris and Jill Reynolds (some families are so greedy aren’t they ?) who respectively were closest on hole numbers 10, 8 and 12 (Jill playing great shots on the second two respectively), while Alison Marshall stopped a clean sweep by claiming the prize on the tough second hole.

Double nearest the pins for Jill !

So apart from the golf, our few days away at Fairplay were a wonderful success.  The sun shone throughout, and the golf course was in fantastic condition.  Add to that the hospitality of all at the wonderful Fairplay Resort and the combination was pretty much unbeatable.  So a big thank you from us all goes to Salvador, Roberto, Vicente, Hector, Carmen and all of the Fairplay team, for making sure our every whim was catered for during our stay at this beautiful Cadiz golfing oasis.

We all dutifully checked out yesterday morning, paid our drinks bills with a sigh, and made our way back to our beloved Costa del Sol (well most of us anyway).  Of course, nothing is forever is it, but hey, we look forward to doing it all over again next month at another super Cadiz venue when we head on up to Costa Ballena for another Golf in the Sun annual event, the “Costa Ballena Four Ball Winter Cup” from the 14th – 16th November.  This is the second year we have hosted this event that is once again being sponsored by The Marbella Golf Academy.  Pat and Monty are, as they did last year, very kindly putting up some great prizes so we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for what will no doubt be another fun few days in the Andalusia sunshine.

For those of you who have not already got your name down for this one click here to see all details.  And don’t worry if you have

Great shot Alison !

not got a partner as we can always find partners for you to make up a fourball.

So until then…………..keep ’em down the middle. 

Best regards,

B and M.

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